Utrecht University nurtures all talent, of the intellectual and sporting kind. Outstanding athletes studying at Utrecht University can therefore take advantage of special, bespoke provisions and facilities. Please see our Elite Sports Policy for the full details.

Who is it for?

Only athletes who have been awarded one of the following recognised statuses may take advantage of the provisions and facilities offered by Utrecht University:

  • A status
  • Promise status (“Belofte”)
  • Union status (“Bondstatus”)
  • HP status (High Potential)
  • IT status (International Talent)
  • NT status (National Talent)
  • Select status

Before you can use the provisions and facilities, you must first register with Utrecht University. make sure to register well before you commence your degree programme and be aware that you are also responsible for extending your status each year via the Elite Sport Student Counsellor.

If you are an international student, the Elite Sport Student Counsellor will compare your status from your country of origin with the Dutch statuses listed above. Please ensure that you enclose an official declaration from your sports association or national sports committee.

What facilities and provisions are available?

Utrecht University offers a range of facilities and provisions:

  • Special provisions within your faculty
    (e.g. timetable adjustments and special dispensation with regard to the binding study advice at Utrecht University)
  • Financial support
    (e.g. reimbursement of (part of) the costs for training internships or matches abroad, compensation when you fall behind schedule in your studies (please see this document for more information), and and a free membership card (Olympas) for the Olympos Sports Centre)
  • Provisions in kind
    (e.g. an extension on the time limit for completing your degree programme for A status athletes, and a special top-class athlete certificate on graduation)

For an exhaustive overview, terms and conditions and the application procedure, please refer to the Elite Sports Policy (pdf).

Registering as a Elite Sports Student

In order to be eligible for Utrecht University’s provisions for Elite Sport Students, you must first make an appointment with the Elite Sport Student Counsellor, Anne Hamburger, who will:

  • check your status and confirm whether you are entitled to the provisions;
  • inform you what is and is not permitted under the Elite Sports Policy;
  • advise your degree programme coordinator of your status to enable you to make the necessary arrangements within your faculty; and
  • serve as your point of contact if you have any difficulties in this regard with the degree programme management or to arrange financial support, a study extension or your special graduation certificate.

Please do not wait until the last moment to make an appointment. Are you still only a prospective student? Please book an appointment at least several months before the degree programme is due to commence to confirm that your studies and sporting activities will be compatible.

Note: usually, Utrecht University makes these provisions and facilities available to Elite Sport Students for the duration of one academic year. After this period has elapsed, you must apply for an extension and submit any required supporting documents. You can apply for this extension directly via email to elitesports@uu.nl. You do not need to make an appointment.


Elite Sports Student Counsellor: Anne Hamburger. You can make an appointment through Student Services.