Sports Centre Olympos (Utrecht Science Park) has to offer more than sixty different sports, fitness facilities, tennis courts, squash courts and other facilities. Olympos offers discount rates for students. The Olympos facilities can also be rented. 

For more information: www.olympos.nl and the overview of student organisations.



Uppsalalaan 3, 3584 CT Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 30 253 4471 (front desk)

Email info@olympos.nl

Website Olympos

The university premises are smoke-free.

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Opening hours

Mon 7:00-23:30
Tue 7:00-23:30
Wed 7:00-23:30
Thu 7:00-23:30
Fri 7:00-23:30
Sat 9:00-19:00
Sun 9:00-19:00

From week 52 to week 1 the opening hours can deviate. View the opening hours here.

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