Medezeggenschap binnen de UU

Student consultative bodies

Students and staff take part in educational decision-making processes at all levels of Utrecht University. Student consultative body members gain plenty of experience in contributing to change and improvement within a large organisation.

  • Programme Committee
    The Programme Committee issues recommendations on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), monitors the quality of teaching, flags any problems and advises on the development and implementation of education policy. Student input plays a key role in the Programme Committee's activities, and course evaluations and other student surveys constitute important sources of information.
  • Faculty Council
    The Faculty Council consults with the Faculty Board regarding faculty policy on teaching, research, finances and human resources. The Council issues solicited and unsolicited advice, and has the right of consent in certain matters.
  • Board of Directors of Education
    The Board of Directors of Education consists of all the directors of education, the vice-deans of education and three students from the Faculty of Humanities. The board consults on educational matters and developments within the Faculty. The student members represent the interests of all students, provide advice and can add their own items to the agenda. They work closely with the faculty assessor and the student delegation in the Faculty Council.

Student Members

  • Maikel Shamon, BA Philosophy
  • Siebren Teule, RMA History

Directors of Education

  • prof. dr. Hugo Quené (Department of Languages, Literature and Communication)
  • dr. Dieuwke va der Poel (Department of Languages, Literature and Communication)
  • dr. Christianne Smit (Department of History and Art History)
  • prof. dr. Iris van der Tuin (School Liberal Arts)
  • dr. Mariëtte van den Hoven (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  • dr. Vincent Crone (Department of Media and Culture Studies)
  • prof. dr. Peter Coopmans (Director of Education Humanities)


  • prof. dr. Peter Schrijver (Department of Languages, Literature and Communication)
  • prof. dr. Ted Sanders (Department of Languages, Literature and Communication)
  • University Council
    The University Council consults with the UU Executive Board regarding University-wide policy on teaching, research, finances and human resources. The Council provides the Board with solicited and unsolicited advice, and has right of consent in certain matters.
Other programme related contacts

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for advising on and anually revising the Education and Examination Regulations. If so requested or of its own accord, they advise the Board of the study programme and the Dean on all educational matters.

The members of the History Curriculum Committee are:

  • dr. Geraldien von Frijtag Drabbe Kunzel (chair)
  • dr. Pieter Huistra (staff)
  • dr. Erik Goosmann (staff)
  • dr. Peter Malcontent (staff)
  • Louisa Handel -Mazzetti (student)
  • Sjors Nab (studentlid)
  • Jasper Schonewille (student)
  • Gjalt van Werkhoven (student)

The programme coordinator and the Study Advisor are advisory members.


The student members of the Curriculum Committee can be emailed at

Studentassessor Matthias Lukkes
Matthias Lukkes

Matthias Lukkes is the Department of History and Art History's Student Assessor. Whenever you wish to comment on our education or how it's been organised, feel free to contact Matthias.
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What does a Student Assessor do?

A Student Assessor advises the departmental board on student matters and educational matters from a student viewpoint. In this way, the Assessor is your link to the departmental board.

The faculty of Humanities is divided into four departments. These departments are each headed by a board consisting of a Departmental Head, an Education Director, a Research Director and a Student Assessor. The four Department Assessors communicate with the faculty board. The humanities board also consists of a faculty wide Student Assessor, Wessel van Wijngaarden.