The course levels are either 2 or 3. Level 2 is intermediate and level 3 is advanced.  Please pay attention to the requirements for admission and the required previous knowledge needed to follow each course before you apply for the course.

Each course is given in a time slot (AD or BC). A student can enroll in 2 courses each period, one course in each time slot

By indicating your course preference on the course selection form and sending us the form, you apply for the courses. This application does not guarantee placement. You must meet the entry criteria for your preferred courses and there must be enough capacity in the course. We will do our best to make sure as many people as possible are assigned to the courses indicated as first choice. Indicating your choices on the course selection form means you are committed to following the course that you are placed in. You must follow all the components!

It is not possible to switch courses at the last minute, as most courses are always fully booked. Requests for a change in course application can be made until 4 weeks before the start of the semester at the latest. We will see if it is possible to make changes in your course schedule, but cannot guarantee this.

The Research Project (RP) is full-time (15 EC) and takes up both time slots, so you cannot follow any courses alongside the RP. The Research Project Plus (RP+) is an extended RP: 1 period full-time (so in both time-slots) and 1 period half time (so either  AD or BC; total of 22.5 EC). In the first period of your RP+, you can follow a course alongside the RP+. Please be aware that you have to arrange the supervisor and lab for your Research Project yourself.

For an overview of the courses offered by other faculties of our university, please check the overview on the Central International Office website. It is unfortunately not possible to register for courses at University College Utrecht (UCU) or at University College Roosevelt (UCR).

The grading system of Dutch universities is based on a number scale of 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding). The lowest passing grade is 5.5 (in some departments it might be 6.0). It should be noted that 9’s and 10’s are rarely given.
The Student Counseling Department of the Netherlands America Commission for Educational Exchange (NACEE) uses the following qualitative equivalence for translating grades from the Dutch university grading system to that of the American university system: 8 = A 7 = B 6 = C.
Since 9’s and 10’s are rarely given, one could generally consider an 8 to be roughly equivalent to an A at an American institution. Some faculties (e.g. Law) hardly ever award 8’s. In these cases an 8 could be considered to be an A+.

Utrecht University considers any form of academic dishonesty to be a very serious offense. Utrecht University expects each student to be familiar with and to observe the norms and values that ensure academic integrity.

Please read the central UU Students website for more information on fraud and plagiarism and the possible sanctions if fraud or plagiarism are committed by a student at Utrecht University.