Virus protection

You should protect your computer from viruses, malware and spamware. Always install official versions of software and download them from the manufacturers sites. Be careful opening attachments of suspicious sources. Office documents can contain viruses. Use an antivirus programm, at least (in case of Windows7) Microsoft security essentials, starting Windows8 security essentialsare included in Windows Defender.


Keep your Firewall activated. A firewall checks for legitimacy of incoming internet traffic. This is a good first protection against hacking.Windows Firewall is included in Windows and activited by default.


Spyware is software that aims to gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge. Windows Defender contains antispyware measures.

Windows updates

Always keep your (Windows) system up to date. Updates contain the latest virus ans spyware protection measures.

To optimize battery energy consumption you can:

  • choose an energy schedule optimized for saving energy when disconnected from power
  • reduce the screen brightness
  • shorten the interval before display sleep
  • disconnect peripherals you are not using (cd, HD)
  • turn of bluetooth if you're not using it
  • a mouse is more ergonomical than a trackpad
  • optimize your mouse settings (track speed, double/triple click, scroll wheel)
  • using shortcut keys is more ergonomical than a mouse
  • keep your arms rested as much as possible
  • learn to type
  • take regular breaks:
    take a 20 sec microbreak every 10 minutes
    take a 2 min minibreak every half hour
    take a 10 min break every 2 hours, leave your desk and do something else
    take at least a half hour break each day
  • install anti-RSI software like Workrave or Workpace
  • Optimize your screen settings: adjust to optimal brightness, contrast and font size for your screen
  • choose a proper desk to work on, be aware of the way you are seated
  • don't just sit: move around regularly.
  • don't ignore pain. It's an indication something should change
  • guard your own health. Act!

Hide your laptop

Instead of using a conspicuous laptop bag, you can also use a more low profile model. Make sure to nwever leave your laptop unattended.

Mark Everyting

Mark your bag, mark your laptop clearly visible with name and address. This way we can retrace the owner.

Recognize your own laptop

Make sure you can recognize your own laptop. Write down the serialnumber. Pimp it, so you can recognize it close up or from afar.

Tracking software for your laptop

Monitor your laptop after it's gone missing. Remote manage your personal data

  • Windows7/8, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android: Prey OpenSource software (download)
  • MacOSX: Find my device (advised, default in iCloud)