How often are you asked to create an account? You leave traces on numerous websites; like friend sites, discussion forums, newsletters, contests, YouTube etc.
Is it really necessary to leave your personal details? Be aware of what you reveal. Is there a password required; don’t use the same password over and over again.

Getting ‘contaminated’ is possible from every webpage you visit; without you even knowing it. Be careful with downloading and good security is really vitally important.


When you are visiting websites often cookies (a little file) are placed on your hard disc. Mostly they are relatively harmless and make internet easier.

Cookies can be disturbing. In fact they are tracing / tracking your internet behaviour; it is traced in a ‘Big Brother is watching you’ manner. Be aware of this. And do not click unthinkingly on pop-ups.

When you are asked if it is okay to install cookies on your hard disc; no is also an answer. Questions to consider: do you trust this site? Will you be visiting this page more often? And check the sender of this cookies agreement. It is possible to stop cookies being installed in your web browser.

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