Due to the coronavirus, the catering locations are closed until further notice and it is not possible to order food and drinks via Eurest. 

Students and student organisations can order catering from Eurest. There is a wide range of possibilities. Do you want to know what Eurest can do for your event? Look at contact Eurest at or 030 - 253 85 46 or walk past one of the Eurest locations.

Future Food Lab

The Future Food Island in the Educatorium restaurant is now the place where Eurest will be presenting its sustainable, tasty menu to you. The Future Food Lab will be hosting exhibitions and activities around alternating food-related themes. Take a look at the wooden houses in the restaurant to discover what is happening at the university in the field of food and sustainability. Read more about the Future Food Lab.

Aanbesteding catering 2019-2020

Eurest wins tender catering and retail

The contract with caterer Sodexo expires on July 8, 2020. That is why the Facilities Service Centre (FSC) has already started preparations for a European tender. Eurest, in collaboration with SPAR University, has won the tender. SPAR University will operate the kiosk in the Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw and Madame Jeanette and Eurest will operate the other catering locations and the banqueting.

The basis for the tender was a vision on catering:

The catering, retail and banqueting services of Utrecht University are inspiring, ambitious, sustainable, full of entrepreneurship and meet the needs of students, employees, visitors and residents in the field of food and drink. There is something for everyone!

Utrecht University considers it important that everyone feels at home on the three campuses. The catering can contribute to this, for example through the product range, the staff and the layout of the locations. The catering locations are the places where (international) groups meet, work together, relax, study and eat and thus support community formation. The university is going to concentrate the catering facilities at twelve locations. 

Planning tender catering and retail

In the field of sustainability, the UU challenges the new caterer to make the catering more sustainable. This concerns the preparation and origin of the products, but also the prevention of food waste, limiting logistical movements, reducing waste flows and reducing water and energy consumption. The university also wishes to offer responsible food choices attractively and to help people make a more conscious choice for responsible nutrition

The FSC collected input for the tender in a lot of different ways. For example via:

  • discussions with stakeholders: from the Executive Board, faculty directors and the University Council to demand managers, Faculty Council members and student assessors;
  • advice from UU experts in the field of sustainability and behavioral influencing, and from other organisations such as the Hogeschool Utrecht;
  • a sounding board group that varies per project phase in which various target groups are represented;
  • brainstorming sessions for which staff and students are invited;
  • the following persons have contributed to a part of the assessment:
    • a delegation of the students of the University Council;
    • a delegation of the staff of the University Council;
    • a delegate from the Green Office;
  • previous customer satisfaction surveys.

Would you like to know more about the tender? Please contact Anna Stamp-Jongbloed.