Are you a UU student and do you study at Utrecht Science Park? Then you can park your car at various car parks at Utrecht Science Park and  P+R Utrecht Science Park.

Student residents can park at P+R Utrecht Science Park or at our general parking lots (P3 to P11 + P14) under the same conditions as visitors. In most cases, P+R Utrecht Science Park is the less expensive option.

The building pages show you which parking spaces are most accessible to you at each building. Remember to carry your European handicapped parking card with you!

You can park your car on campus under the same conditions as visitors. 

Residents of the Cambridgelaan student complex may request a permit to park in the parking spaces reserved for the residential units. For more information about requesting a parking permit, please contact the complex residential manager or SSH Utrecht. Residents of all campus complexes may also use the general parking facilities at Utrecht Science Park on the same conditions as visitors.

No; only the residents of the Cambridgelaan student complex are eligible for a parking permit.

No; Utrecht Science Park does not offer discount parking.

There are designated loading/unloading areas near the building entrances, indicated by a traffic sign. Try to place your car for less than 30 minutes, and leave your emergency lights on to show that you will not be parked there long.

The mobile Utrecht University Security surveillance service patrols the parking facilities 24/7. We cannot guarantee 100% security for your car, however, so we recommend that you never leave personal belongings or valuables in your car.

You can always call 112 to report suspicious situations. We also recommend that you report the situation to the university helpdesk. The helpdesk is available 24/7 by calling 030 253 1300 or 030 253 4444 for emergencies.

Special paper ‘student tickets’ are available that only charge for hours parked between 08:30 and 13:30. That means you will not be charged for parking when working evening or night shifts. You will receive more information about parking during your introduction training. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the Androclus building reception desk.

Some parking facilities at Utrecht Science Park are only available for permit holders.

  • Princetonplein parking facility (exclusively for TNO/Deltares permit holders)
  • Sorbonnelaan Noord parking facility (exclusively for SRON permit holders)
  • Cambridgelaan student complex parking facility (exclusively for residents)
  • UMC Utrecht Noord parking garage (exclusively for UMC and CMH employees)

That means visitors cannot park in these facilities, and unauthorised vehicles may be clamped.

FSC Security (UU) and UMCU may clamp the wheels of unauthorised vehicles, and violators will be charged administration fees to remove the clamp. The fee for removing a clamp is € 50.

More information

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