Language testing day

Every semester students have the opportunity to have their language proficiency tested for placement for UCU’s Language & Culture courses. Language testing is for determining which language course is right for your level of language proficiency. 

Testing is not necessary if you have already done the prerequisite language course at UCU, or if you want to start a language in which you have no experience (in that case you simply register for a course at Beginner Level)!

Languages on Language Testing Day

Testing during Language Testing Day is required for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish.

NB: For French, see below.


This semester, the Language Testing Day will take place on Tuesday April 11, 2023, from 13.00 to 15.00, in the UCU Auditorium.


For this test you will be asked to complete a timed writing assignment.  You will have 90 minutes to complete this. It is not allowed to use any (online) dictionaries or (grammar) books.

Please note: For Latin you are expected to bring your own dictionary.


If you want to participate in this semester’s Language testing Day you need to start a new Case in Osiris Student, and select Curriculum Matters -> UCU language test. You can then select the language you want to be tested for.

You can sign up until Thursday 6 April 2023 (end of the day) via Osiris Student (Case)


Based on your test result, the language instructor will advise you which language course level to take, and will grant you course admittance for that course. This will be visible for you in Osiris.

Test results are valid for placement in language courses offered in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.

NB: If you were already tested in Fall 2022 for a course in Fall 2023 you do not need to be tested again, unless you would like to be tested for a different language.

Should you have any questions about language placement or the language testing day you can contact Saskia Spee, UCU’s Language and Culture coordinator:

Languages that do not participate in Language Testing Day

French: There is no test for French at the Language Testing Day, and no course admittance is required. 

Students who have had 2-4 years of French in high school can immediately register for French Language and Culture I (HUMFRE11).

Students who have had 5-6 years of French in high school can register for French Language and Culture II (HUMFRE21) directly.

This is just a rule of thumb, and some students may be unsure of their level based on their personal circumstances and experiences. Please do not hesitate to contact the instructor directly -