Your Solis password will soon expire less quickly

Until now, your Solis password (which you use in combination with your Solis-id) is valid for six months. So every six months you have to choose a new password. This will soon (mid-March 2022) be changed to twelve months. This change will take effect the next time you set a new password.

Good balance between safety and convenience

The requirement to change your password regularly is a measure that protects your UU account and data from unauthorized access (for example, if your password is leaked or compromised via a phishing email). But having to regularly choose and remember a new password also brings inconvenience. A good balance between ease of use and security is important. Because many security measures have been taken recently such as 2FA on sensitive IT services and information, we at UU judge that we can responsibly adjust the password validity period.


Please contact the IT Service Desk. After all: information security remains important!

Switch on Security!

We’d like to ask you to make safe decisions while you work and to use the tools that protect you. This might require some getting used to, but it is the simplest way to ‘switching on security’. Switch to working securely