24 September 2015

Your own study Spot with MyWorkplace

Are you studying at the faculty of Science, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Economics & Business Economics, or do you follow the course of Mathematics and System Analysis, Statistical Methods or Introduction to marine sciences. From now on you can study anywhere and anytime.

In addition to the existing study areas there is an extra possibility to study. When software is required for your study, you can access it by using MyWorkplace: the digital work and study space of the UU.  You'll be able to do that using whatever device you want. Even on your own laptop or tablet.

On the MyWorkplace page you can find which study software is available for you and how you can get started.

Look also at free software to see which software you can install and use during your studies. 

Is your degree programme missing?
We started with a first group of students and study software. This will allow us to fine-tune MyWorkplace and expand it later on. The plan is to add other students and additional software in phases.