You review your Airbnb, why not your course?

Complete the Thermometer: just 5 questions

After each course, you receive a survey from Caracal. These usually long questionnaires require a lot of time to complete. Not anymore! Introducing: the Thermometer. Just 5 questions to answer about your course so we can better measure the quality and implement changes more efficiently. 

The following programmes are participating in the pilot:

Bachelor programmes: Pharmacy, Biology, Information Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics

Master programmes: Mathematical Sciences, Pharmacy, History and Philosophy of Science, Business Informatics, Game and Media Technology, Data Science, Computing Science and Human Computer Interaction

Why would you evaluate your courses?

The education committee and the course coordinator use your answers to implement improvements after every period. The lecturer gives a response in Caracal after the evaluation has closed. You can view this as of the third week of the next period. Of course, all answers are anonymous.


  • If the workload is too much, we will know sooner through the evaluations and can do something about it
  • If the assessments or exam questions are not matching the course content or feature subjects that are not well explained enough in the course, the Board of Examiners can implement changes
  • Your answers help lecturers teach better and improve their course for the next group of students (including your friends from study associations, siblings, etc.)
  • Your opinion is crucial for us to be able to implement changes for the better!

Be respectful

It's okay to be critical in your evaluation, but we ask you to be respectful and constructive in your feedback. Everything you write will be seen in its original form (though anonymous) by your lecturer. We can best improve courses with constructive feedback. And after all, your lecturers are humans too.

Improvements, complaints, questions?

Send them to