16 June 2020

You may have unread emails in your Solis-mailbox

Due to a technical issue, emails may have not been delivered to your UU Gmail account between Friday 12 June 22:30 and Tuesday 16 June 14:00. As a result, you may have unread emails in your Solis inbox.

What action should you take?

I use my UU Gmail

Check your Solis inbox for unread messages by logging in with your Solis-id and password on https://outlook.office365.com. Emails sent to your email address after 14:00 on 16 June will be delivered to your UU Gmail inbox as usual.

I have already switched to Solis email

Your Solis email is working as usual. However, as a result of the disruption, emails will now be delivered to both your Solis email and your UU Gmail. You can switch off this automatic email forward on your UU Gmail account using this manual.

I had my emails forwarded to a private email address

If your emails were being forwarded to a private email address, you will have to reconfigure your settings. Please see this manual for instructions on how to do so.

Questions or assistance

Please contact the IT Service Desk. Contact details can be found on https://www.uu.nl/it-servicedesk