29 May 2020

You can vote for the University Council from 2 to 4 June!

It is important to vote, because the elected students can participate at the highest administrative level within the university. They will represent your interests within the University Council.

There are 4 parties participating in the elections:

Voting is easy. You can cast your vote at www.uu.nl/stem from 2 to 4 June.

For each party there are students from the Faculty of Geosciences who can be elected. You can find an overview below:

De Vrije Student
#14 S.H.E. (Sanna) van der Hoeven, Geowetenschappen

Lijst VUUR
#13 J.J. (Jippe) van Broekhoven, Geowetenschappen
#22 I.M. (Inge) Ossentjuk, Geowetenschappen
#25 S. (Sanne) Jasker, Geowetenschappen
#29 S.H. (Stijn) Bruijsten, Geowetenschappen

Partij voor de Utrechtse Student
#12 J.B.M. (Jelle) de Groot, Geowetenschappen
#21 M. (Merel) Noort, Geowetenschappen

#2 L.F. (Loes) van der Woerdt, Geowetenschappen
#9 M.M. (Marte) Vroom, Geowetenschappen
#17 M. (Misha) van Schendel, Geowetenschappen
#27 H.H. (Hanna) Cornelisse, Geowetenschappen
#28 L. (Lotte) Löhr, Geowetenschappen