26 September 2019

Would you like to quit smoking? Participate in Stoptober

Utrecht University would like to offer a healthy environment to its employees, students and visitors. That is why the premises will be smoke-free in stages. In pilots the university tests what works and what does not. The Leuvenplein and the premises of the University Library in the city centre are smoke-free now. Of course, it is your own responsibility whether you smoke or not. Do you smoke? Would you like to quit? Different kinds of support are available. You can also participate in Stoptober.

Stoptober: 28 days without smoking

Stoptober means you do not smoke for 28 days. Do you also participate? Georgina Verbaan, Rick Brandsteder and Ernst Daniël Smid quit smoking for 28 days from 1 October. Research shows that 28 days are long enough to experience the positive effects of quitting smoking. Most of the withdrawal symptoms have disappeared by then. On http://stoptober.nl (in Dutch) you can find an app, advice and an action plan. Stoptober is an initiative of several Dutch health organisations.

Books about quitting smoking

Utrecht University provides a limited number of self-help books for people that would like to quit smoking. Would you like to receive this book? Send an email to rookvrij@uu.nl in which you state your UU address details, the title of the book and why you would like to receive the book. The first sixty employees/students that submit a request will receive a book.

“Easy way to stop smoking” written by Alan Carr

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