26 November 2020

Working together for a better world

Utrecht University aspires to contribute to a better world. The university therefore stimulates Community Engaged Learning. Community Engaged Learning is increasingly gaining a prominent place in our education: there were already tens of projects and more and more are added. Three of these courses are included in the inspiration booklet of the Community Engaged Learning programme: Learning Lab Overvecht, Utrecht Data School and Community-based research in the Humanities.

Inspiring examples

In the interviews with students, scientists and societal partners who participated in the courses, you can read how they experienced Community Engaged Learning. For example, Luuk van Wingerden, thrift shop coordinator at Emmaus Domstad, says: "It has inspired me, and that’s already a great gain." Student Eliza Hobo says: "It has been refreshing to get my nose out of the books and to go out into the real world." And assistant professor Marijke Huisman shares how she also gained access to new research material through her teaching with societal partners.

Societal impact during the study

Community Engaged Learning is experiential education in which students, teachers and external partners work together on societal challenges.
James Kennedy, chair programme committee: "It is crucial that this process is reciprocal. That creates the learning experiences for both students and our partners, and thereby we decrease the gap between the university and society. It is my ambition that, in ten years’ time, Utrecht University is known as the university in which students make societal impact during their studies."