3 July 2019

Work on roof of Ruppert building in summer period

The wheelchair ramp of the alternative entrance of the Marinus Ruppert building, seen from Leuvenplein

From 6 July to mid-September 2019, work will take place on the roof of the Marinus Ruppert building. Because these activities cause some noise and dust, there are limited educational activities in the building during this period. The building remains open. The parking lot along the Leuvenlaan will be closed in parts.

Why work?

The work is necessary because the condition of the roofing is poor. This will be adjusted. At the same time, roof safety will be improved and thicker insulation will be installed for sustainability reasons.

Also work in lecture rooms

The lecture rooms Red, White, Blue, 040, 042, A and D are given a thorough facelift in the summer. All chairs and tables are checked and repaired where necessary. All the chairs are given a new swivel mechanism for the seat and new upholstery made of recycled material. In the rooms without a provision for the disabled such a facility will be created. The existing AV equipment will be replaced.

More information

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