15 January 2020

Winter seminar on Cycling & Fashion

As of 20 January 2020, University College Utrecht organises together with HKU University of Arts Utrecht the 2-week seminar Cycling & Fashion: Identity, Creativity and Politics. The seminar is now open for signing up.


university college utrecht
Winter course 2019 fashion show

Inspired by cycling and cycle wear, you will create your own collection. At the end of the seminar, you publicly present your work as a group in a fashion show.

Fashion has a story to tell

Have you noticed that fashion in sport is much more than 'just pulling something on'? Do you ever think that what you wear might tell its own story? Are you aware of the possibilities technology brings to the field of fashion and sports clothes? What happens when you make a collection inspired by cycling and cyclewear?

In this seminar, you will address such questions and investigate societal and historical phenomena that traverse boundaries between cycling, fashion and politics. You will mostly learn by doing and creating! With this interactive combination, you will learn how fashion and cycling can generate meaning(s) that can have powerful social and political significance.

Analyse & create

The seminar has an unique approach. You will be working in student groups and with teachers from HKU University of Arts Utrecht and University College Utrecht. Together you will explore and analyse academic and non-academic resources such as articles and the work of designers. You will participate in a field trip to the design studio of Bioracer in Belgium to gain inspiration as well as use their expertise and materials. The creative processes with which you will be engaged are underpinned by theoretical frameworks from sports philosophy, art history, and anthropology.

Develop your toolkit

This seminar will allow you to extend your own working methods. By simultaneously creating and (re)searching you will experience new insights and perspectives on traditionally segregated disciplines. Creating is more than the making of aesthetic product; it is the result of an integrated approach and unites theory, practice and product.

Incorporating  a Liberal Arts and Sciences approach, your toolkit will include:

  • Arts. With Fashion-designer Karel Bakker and Future Fashion-designer Marina Toeters from HKU you experience how to formulate a question that motivates you to research and create. You will both gain and provide insights into how this process can generate meaning and by extension, knowledge.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities. You learn how to situate your question in a societal context. UCU lecturers Tijana Zakula, Rhoda Woets and Imara Felkers will introduce you to the domains of sports, cycling, philosophy, art history and anthropology.
  • Technology. You’ll be immersed in the domain of sport and technology through the field trip and a lecture from Marina Toeters, both of which will enhance your awareness of the role and possibilities of technology in the fashion of cycling. You will be stimulated to use technology in your design.


Imara Felkers (HKU)
Rhoda Woets (UCU)
Tijana  Zakula (UCU)
Marina Toeters (HKU)
Karel Bakker (HKU)

Data and registration

Monday 20 – Friday 30 January (field trip: 23 January). In the second week, when classes begin at UCU, you have to work on the collection in your own time. The seminar will culminate in a fashion show on Friday, 30 January at 16:00.

Points: 2,5 ects 

Field trip: HKU will pay for your trip.

For registration and questions, email Rhoda Woets (r.woets@uu.nl) or Tijana Zakula (t.zakula1@uu.nl).

Be quick; there is place for 12 students from UCU and 12 from HKU.