29 January 2019

Windows 10 installed on UU-student PC's

Starting mid-January 2019 the UU-student PC’s will be modified. This goes for the ones in the study-rooms as well as those in the computer study-rooms at the faculties of Social Sciences, Science and Geosciences.

The UU-student PC’s in the computer study-rooms and in the study-rooms will have Windows 10 installed. From that moment most tuition software can be found at MyWorkplace (open a browser and go to myworkplace.uu.nl). Tuiton applications that aren’t (yet) compatible with MyWorkplace are installed locally on the PC’s in the computer study-rooms (they can be found via the Windows-button on the Taskbar).

Windows 10 can’t be installed on all computers. In the coming weeks the student-PC’s that can’t handle Windows 10 will be removed from the study-rooms. Because of the closing of the van Unnik-building and the opening of the new building at the Bolognalaan, the UU-student PC’s with Windows 10 will get redistributed across the self-study rooms of the various buildings of the three faculties. This will lead to a better distribution between study-rooms where you can work on your own computer and study-rooms where you can work on UU-PC’s.

Do you want to know the location of a UU-PC or would you rather know where you can work on your own computer? Check www.studyspot.nl. Studyspot will get launched when the student-PCs’have been redistributed across the various study-rooms (mid-February 2019 at the latest). For solo-study you can always go to the normal study-rooms and computer-study rooms, when there’s no teaching going on. This information will also be available on Studyspot.

If you have any IT-questions after reading this message, the Servicedesks at the Koningberger-building, the Educatorium and the Bolognalaan will be happy to help you.