23 August 2016

Young Responsible Design Award

Win a prize with your innovative responsible idea

NWO invites you to compete for the Young Responsible Design Award.

The challenge: create an innovative responsible design or idea to solve an urgent societal problem. Examples for great responsible ideas are for instance:

  • special drones that can carry medical supplies and instruments to the place of an accident,
  • street lighting on demand,
  • the Fairphone (a sustainable smartphone that combines different sort of conflicting values into one single design),
  • the green search engine Ecosia on the internet that plants trees,
  • all kinds of smart ‘sharing’ platforms on the internet.

Participants from different universities, universities of applied sciences, companies and other organisations are invited to work together in interdisciplinary teams and send in their video before 1 November 2016, 09:00. The winning team receives a prize that that can be devoted to the further development or realization of the idea or to further professionalization (in the field of MVI) of the team members (think of an international conference or a training module, etc.).