Will you be DUB's 2024 campus columnist?

Do you often have a unique perspective on the things around you and aren't afraid to share your views? Can you eloquently capture the essence of our university life in an amusing manner? DUB is looking for successors for the two campus columnists, and you could be one of them!

The search for the Campus Columnists 2024 has begun: one for the English-language page and one for the Dutch-language page. A campus columnist is a student or employee of UU who writes about their experiences and matters of interest within the university community. The columns can cover a wide range of topics, from your search for a place to live to worries about climate change. A campus columnist is not afraid to take a stand and strives to surprise the reader.

As the winning campus columnist, you will publish a column on DUB twice a month for a year and receive the Erik Hardeman stipend of €1000.

How to enter the competition?

To have a shot at the title of Campus Columnist, you must submit two columns that will be judged by an expert jury. These columns should offer an original take on university life should not be longer than 500 words. Please send your entries before 1 December to: m.j.agterberg@uu.nl.

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