29 January 2019

Why you should complete the NSE

Every year, UU students complete the National Student Survey (NSE). The NSE is the annual and national survey about the quality of degree programmes in higher education. Also this year, we ask you to complete the NSE. But why? With your answers, we improve our education. Moreover, you can win prizes! Read below what we have done with the results of the NSE 2018 and which prizes you can win by completing the NSE 2019.

Complete the NSE 2019!

On January 29th, an email will be sent to your UU email address with a personalized link to the survey. Complete the survey straight away! The survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. You can also complete the survey on your smartphone or tablet.

If you complete the survey, you have a chance to win a travel voucher with a value of 2000 euro or one of the 500 Ticketmaster gift cards with a value of 20 euro for a concert, festival, show or sporting event. Utrecht University also has a number of prizes, such as 50 hooded sweaters ‘Utrecht University 1636’ and 50 vouchers for 5x coffee / tea of choice at Gutenberg, Goliath, Lodewijk or Jazzmans.

What impact did the results of the NSE 20198 have?

The 10.630 students that completed the survey in 2018 were generally very satisfied with their degree programme. Of course, they also indicated things that could be improved. The differences in satisfaction between faculties and between degree programmes were large. Therefore, faculties analyzed the answers of their students closely and made their own plans of improvement. On a university-wide level, two things stood out that could be improved:

1. Internationalizations. Because the survey did not give us enough insight in what caused the lower satisfaction of students with internationalization at Utrecht University, we organized students panels in the fall of 2018. This led to valuable insights. We are now deciding how to follow up on those insights.

2. (Availability of) study spots. The university has in total over 6.000 study spaces. We have decided not to invest in creating more study spaces but to increase the usage of the study spaces that are available and to take measures to decrease the peak demand for study spaces during the exam period. We started a pilot in the exam periods during which only UU-students and -employees could use the study spaces in the university’s libraries. We are also investigating whether we can better inform you of the location of available study spots. We will also start a pilot for that. The availability of study spaces has our attention. We will keep you informed of new developments as a result of these plans for improvement.

Discussion NSE

You might have read that there was much discussion about the participation of Utrecht University in the NSE. We think that the survey could be improved and we were limited in accessing the results of the NSE due to the new privacy law, the GDPR. Due to the GDPR, we received less information even though you did provide more information by completing the survey. Thankfully, the organization of the NSE, Studiekeuze123, implemented modifications by which we can access more information without violating your privacy. Moreover, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will discuss the NSE and possible future improvements with all higher education institutions. That is why we decided to participate in the NSE this year.

Do you have any remarks or questions? Please contact Kim Zunderdorp, K.Zunderdorp@uu.nl.