7 May 2019

Fill out the questionnaire

Where should the smoking facility be located at the library in the city centre?

Plattegrond UBB met 2 opties voor rookfaciliteit

On this website you could read that Utrecht University is going to make its premises smoke-free in stages in order to provide a safe and healthy work and study environment. The premises of the University Library in the city centre will be one of the first smoke-free locations. The courtyard and inner garden will be smoke-free, with one designated smoking spot where employees, students and visitors are allowed to smoke. The project team would like to receive input on the location of this facility. Therefore, please fill out a questionnaire no later than Friday 17 May. This takes about two minutes. The results will be taken into account when determining the location of the smoking facility. You will read more about this in due time.

Possible locations for smoking facility

There are two options for the location of the smoking facility in the inner garden (see map):

  • Option A (current location)
  • Option B

The possible locations are not located near entrances/exits nor near windows that can be opened. The smoking facility will be made more attractive than in the current situation.

When will the UBB premises be smoke-free?

Maintenance work is taking place in the summer and the smoking facility will also be reconditioned. From 2 September 2019 the inner garden and courtyard are smoke-free after which you can only smoke in the smoking facility in the inner garden. On the Drift you smoke at least seven meters from the entrance to the library and from windows that can be opened.

Legislation on smoke-free school premises

It has been known for some time that primary schools, secondary schools and VET schools are obligated to make their premises 100% smoke-free before 1 August 2020. Since mid-March 2019, it is clear that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is preparing a general administrative regulation that states that this obligation will also apply to colleges of higher vocational education and universities.

It is not yet clear how a smoking ban will be implemented exactly. Of course, Utrecht University keeps track of changes in regulations. In terms of the design of the smoking facilities at the pilot locations, the UU will take into account that these may be temporary and it will reuse current facilities as much as possible.

More information

Would you like to know more about the smoke-free premises of Utrecht University? Take a look at this page or send an email to rookvrij@uu.nl.