28 August 2020

When to go to campus and what to do?

In Blackboard you can find more information about where exactly you have your lecture: online or on campus. Your exact timetable is in MyTimetable.

If you have a lecture on campus, please follow the RIVM guidelines and the house rules for UU buildings. Always clean your hands when you enter a building or room. During the first two weeks of the academic year, staff will be present in recognisable outfits to help you. Stickers indicate the walking routes in the buildings. 

When to come to our campus?

  • Only come to the university if you have a lecture, exam or practical on location.
  • If you have an exam, make sure you are present 15 minutes it starts. Check beforehand in which room your exam will be held.
  • Only use the study places if you are also attending a lecture in the same building.
  • The available seats in the rooms are marked.

Lecture rooms

Entering and leaving the room is based on the last in-first out principle. Follow the arrows in the room and fill the room from back to front. Only sit in the places marked with a green sticker and do not leave the room unnecessarily early.

When you come in the morning for the first lecture or working group, all rooms are cleaned and you can sit down. For lectures later in the day you must first clean the table and other touch points with a spray bottle and towels. You can find these at the entrance of the buildings and in the vicinity of the education rooms.

Any comments?

If there are things you notice or think need improvement, feel free to report it! You can do so via our report form.

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