26 November 2018

What do you think of the toilets at the UU? Fill in a questionnaire!

Pictogram genderneutraal toilet

What report mark do you give the toilets at Utrecht University? How clean are they? How safe do you feel? Do you want all-gender toilets or not? These and other questions are included in a questionnaire about toilets within the UU. Complete the questionnaire before 21 December and let us know what you think of the toilets.

Why this questionnaire?

The reason for the survey is the pilot with all-gender toilets which is taking place in three university buildings. The results of this survey are supplemented with the results of the surveys that were conducted at the all-gender toilets at three moments.

The follow-up

The results of the various surveys are used by the Facilities Service Center to evaluate the pilot with all-gender toilets and to decide on possible refurbishment of other toilets.