26 March 2019

Watch the celebration of the 383rd Dies Natalis live

Today Tuesday 26 March 2019, Utrecht University celebrates its 383nd Dies Natalis in the Dom Church. Watch live through the livestream!

Education for life

The theme of the anniversary celebrations is ‘Education for life’. This theme reflects Utrecht University’s ambition to offer degree programmes that broadly equip students for a role in society. Learning does not stop after graduation, however. We as a university want to contribute in which we do so through our strong and flexible curriculum. In addition, we develop other special ‘Lifelong learning’ programmes that sometimes include a distinct didactic approach for various groups in different phases of their life and career.


The Anniversary Address titled The role of the teacher in tomorrow’s world? will be given by Professor Sari Lindblom, Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki. Moreover, the ceremony will include the presentation of two honorary doctorates, the Lecturer Award, the Young Lecturer Award and the Alumnus of the Year Award.

At the start of the celebration the speeches and translations of the speeches will be posted online. Check the Dies page for the latest updates.