Vote for the University Council and Faculty Councils from 13 to 15 May

The elections for the representative councils have started! Go to and cast your vote. The current elections are a unique opportunity: by voting, you decide who will represent your interests. It is important to cast your vote. Your vote counts!  

You can vote for the candidates for the University Council, the Faculty Councils of Geosciences, Humanities, Medicine, Law and Economics & Governance, Science, Social and Behavioural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. (At UCU and UCR elections for the Faculty Councils have already been held due to their semester system).  

When can you vote?  

Voting starts right now on The digital polls close on Wednesday 15 May 2024 at 23:59 hours.   

How can you vote?  

You may cast two votes: one vote for a candidate for the University Council and one vote for a candidate for your Faculty Council. With regard to the University Council elections you can vote for someone from either your own or another faculty.  

Go to and cast your vote! Use your Solis-id and password to log in.   

Voting guide  

Interested in what the University Council parties stand for? Check out the voting guide or read more on the parties and their candidates. 

Check the voting guide

More information?  

Would you like more information about the elections or the various lists of candidates? Check the elections page. Alternatively, you can contact the secretary of the Central Election Committee, Anne Marie Partridge, She is happy to help you.