31 January 2020

UU is looking for models


Are you a first year bachelor’s student and do you like to be a model with fellow students? Are you open to a unique experience? That’s great! We’re looking for six models for an upcoming photoshoot! For the photoshoot, we’d like to use a realistic mix of our students. Therefore, everyone is welcome to apply. Whatever your gender, look or cultural background, you’re more than welcome!

Will we see you again?

What is it about?
Together with other bachelor’s students you’ll be photographed by a professional photographer at different locations in and around the university. The photoshoot takes place in the week of 11-15 May. You’ll earn €100. Utrecht University will use the photo’s for the website, social media, flyers, brochures and large posters in public areas.

After applying you’ll hear on Februari 28 whether you’re invited for an introductory round. The introductory round is on March 9, so make sure you’re available. After the introductory round we’ll have a try-out session so you can get acquainted with your fellow models and the photographer. The try-out session is on April 16. Make sure to keep this date free as well!

How to apply
Interested? You have until February 14 to apply. Simply send an email to k.m.gort@uu.nl with you name, phone number, subject of your studies, what year you started, (short) motivation and a recent photo of yourself.