UU Honours College - extra spaces available for three of our interdisciplinary honour programmes

  • Want to learn how to navigate complex societal issues through interdisciplinary research?
  • Or would you like to learn how to build a caring and regenerative society?
  • Perhaps, you’d like to explore entanglements between people, non-humans and the city of Utrecht?

No matter in which camp you fall, UU has exciting honours opportunities on offer where you can explore these interests. At the Honours College, we value your passion for learning and personal development, and encourage you to let your diverse interests run wild. If this sounds interesting to you, then do not hesitate to apply! The application deadline is September 11th, 09:00 AM.

Each honours programme can be taken in addition to any Masters programme at Utrecht University. The three available programmes are:

  • UniCity (15 EC)
  • G.H.I.S (10 EC)
  • Young Innovators (15 EC)

Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars

Today’s global and local challenges are becoming more complex, often feeding into more broad and dynamic collaborations. GHIS is designed for curious, open-minded and broadly societally interested students who are eager to develop interdisciplinary research skills that help combat these complicated challenges. GHIS facilitates the interaction between students and researchers to jointly explore perspectives in the context of real-life cases and research examples. Click here for more information.

Young Innovators Programme

The Young Innovators programme is about making a change towards regenerativity. A regenerative society affirms life, and cares for the earth and its diverse communities. The programme brings together reflexive personal leadership with community-based changemaking, giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to make caring changes to the world. Click here for more information.


UniCity searches and researches together – as a collective of students, residents, and researchers – what goes on in the city in all of its diversity and dynamism. Our starting point is open and we let ourselves be guided during the project by what participants observe and engage with in terms of social activities, spatial surroundings and the ecology of the city. To understand what goes on in the city, we bridge disciplines and societal perspectives, and create products that make academic insights accessible to wider audiences (Dutch-taught). Click here for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at honourscollege@uu.nl.