11 October 2019

UU concentrates catering at twelve locations before 8 July 2020

Aanbesteding catering 2019-2020

The contract with the current caterer Sodexo expires on 8 July 2020. That is why a tender process is being carried out to sign a contract with a caterer. To ensure that the tender is successful and future-proof, Utrecht University has decided to reduce the number of staffed catering locations from nineteen to twelve before 8 July 2020.

Why twelve staffed catering locations?

Utrecht University currently has nineteen staffed catering locations. Varying from company restaurants to kiosks. Some of these catering locations are unprofitable, making it unattractive for caterers to submit a tender. This has been shown by, among other things, a market consultation and an analysis of the financial data of the current catering locations. Utrecht University wishes to invest its money in education and research as much as possible, but also finds it important that there are places where people can meet each other. It was therefore decided to concentrate the staffed catering at twelve locations before 8 July 2020.

By reducing the number of (small) staffed catering locations, a caterer will be able to pay more attention to each location in the future and respond better to the specific wishes of staff/students. In determining the twelve catering locations, the spread of these locations was important. At least one UU catering location remains on each campus. However, you may have to walk a little further than is currently the case.

Which twelve staffed catering locations will be included in the new catering contract?

In the new catering contract, the UU will have a staffed catering facility in the following buildings:

  • City centre: Achter Sint Pieter 200 (currently in renovation), Bijlhouwerstraat 6 and espresso bar Lodewijk in the University Library
  • ICU campus: UCU Jazzmans and Adam Smith Hall
  • Utrecht Science Park: Educatorium, Victor J. Koningsberger building, Gutenberg, Jeannette Donker-Voet building (Madame Jeannette), Jazzmans Minnaert building, Kruyt building and Vening Meinesz building.

On 23 September, Utrecht University published its plans for the future of its real estate. The outlines have been determined and concrete plans will be developed in the coming period. This may have consequences for the catering locations mentioned above, but these are not foreseeable yet. The new caterer will, of course, be kept up to date of the proceedings.

In the course of 2020, the caterer, Real Estate & Campus and the Facilities Service Centre will develop the design and layout of these catering locations.

What about the other catering locations?

For the catering locations below, it will be explored whether the current assortment in the vending machines with hot and soft drinks and snacks can be expanded. What this assortment will contain will become clear in 2020. The staffed catering facility will close before 8 July 2020. The exact planning is not clear yet. The faculties concerned will be informed in time.

  • City centre: Janskerkhof 2-3a and restaurant University Library (both closed per 23 December 2019)
  • ICU campus: self-service restaurant in Dining Hall
  • Utrecht Science Park: Androclus building, Minnaert building (restaurant), Administration building and David de Wied building (Goliath - closed per 23 December 2019)

It is not yet clear what will replace the catering facilities in these buildings. Real Estate & Campus will discuss this with the faculties and/or service departments concerned. 

What will happen to the employees who work in catering locations that will be discontinued?

The university's catering activities were outsourced in 2012. Sodexo won the European tender at that time. In the summer of 2012, a large number of the university's catering staff joined Sodexo. A number of them still work for Sodexo today and are in the UU buildings on a daily basis. Catering employees who work at a catering location that will be discontinued will stay employed at Sodexo. Sodexo looks for a suitable solution for them.

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