10 December 2020

UU campus smoke-free from 1 January

In accordance with the legal obligation, the university will enforce the ban on the premises. The existing smoking facilities will be dismantled in December, and signs and tiles with ‘rookvrij terrein’ (No Smoking) will be installed.

What areas are included in the smoking ban?
The smoking ban concerns the city centre, ICU and USP. Here you can find the exact maps of the areas, an FAQ and information on help with stopping. Utrecht University, Utrecht Science Park and the City of Utrecht are investigating whether it is possible to make the entire Utrecht Science Park non-smoking.

Starting in January, enforcement officers will patrol university premises to enforce the non-smoking policy. They will only be authorised to enforce the non-smoking policy, not the coronavirus prevention measures. You may also be reminded of the policy by other UU employees. We all share responsibility for keeping the university premises smoke-free. When necessary, we hold each other accountable for our behaviour, and that applies when a colleague or fellow student is smoking in a non-smoking area.

More information
Learn more about the smoke-free areas, and view the maps.