31 May 2017

Digital declaration of enrolment

Utrecht University introduces a digital student card

Student Card

Starting the academic year 2017-2018, Utrecht University will be switching to a digital student card that also serves as proof of enrolment. As a result, the laminated paper proof of enrolment will be discontinued.

You will find your digital student card in the MyUU app. This ensures that you always automatically have your student card and proof of enrolment at hand! Eagle-eyed students may already have noticed: the 2016-2017 student card can already be seen in the MyUU app. Your student card for the next academic year (2017-2018) will be visible in the MyUU app when your enrolment or re-enrolment has officially been completed.

Why the need for a digital student card?

Why is Utrecht University introducing a digital student card? The answer is simple – it is easy and substantially more sustainable. Issuing a paperless student card is in line with Utrecht University's sustainability strategy. But there are also other reasons why a digital student card makes sense in today's world:

  • Your student card or proof of enrolment cannot be lost or stolen
  • You always have your proof of enrolment at hand
  • You receive the card more quickly (your student card will be visible in the MyUU app as soon as you have officially been enrolled, this is instead of having to wait two to four weeks)
  • You'll have everything at hand in one place: the MyUU app: timetable, marks and now your student card as well
  • It is innovative and saves a lot of paper, making it sustainable

Perhaps you are unable to use the MyUU app because you don't have the right kind of smartphone? If so, you can still print your proof of enrolment from Osiris. Your student card and the app cannot be used as proof of identity. This means that, by law, you need to have a valid form of identity, such as a passport or ID card, with you at all times.

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