Utrecht ‘Stolperstein-project’ research assistantship (Dutch speakers only)

Dr. Petra van den Boomgaard is looking for two research assistants.

Assistantship description
Activities of research assistants will consists of:

  • Interviewing relatives of Nazi victims.
  • Archival research to contextualise the history of the victims and their relatives.
  • Transferring interviews and research into accessible online entries.
  • Evaluating process and integrating into material for academic research.

The internship is an opportunity for students to further develop their research, interview and writing skills.


  • Students are expected to complete 70 hours of work during the summer semester. Students will receive a pass/fail grade for 2.5 ECT.
  • Students must have a proven affinity with modern history, showing from the courses they have taken.
  • Good writing and oral skills in Dutch and in independent attitude.

About the Utrecht ‘Stolperstein-project’
The Utrecht ‘Stolperstein-project' (https://www.stichting-stolpersteine.nl/) has provided a ‘Stolperstein’ for 140 Nazi victims. These stones are being placed in front of the last address of a victim. The ambition of the Utrecht ‘Stolperstein-project’ is to further identify the victims of Nazi persecution. The stories and names related to the stones require further research. Moreover, the obtained information will contribute to an academic publication.

Utrecht ‘Stolperstein-project’ is a volunteer project. The team consists of Piet Herbier, Mijnie Borghstijn & Marijke Vreeburg.

Deadline to apply
September 1. 2023

How to apply?
If you are interested in this assistantship please sent a short motivation letter and cv to Petra van den Boomgaard. c.p.vandenboomgaad@uu.nl. Contact Petra if you have further questions.