14 January 2019

Utrecht Science Park tramline update

Monday 14 January will see the commencement of grinding work on the rails of the Uithof tramline between Jaarbeursplein and P+R Utrecht Science Park. This is necessary to prepare them for the pilot phase of the Uithoflijn. Training and test runs will follow later this year. You can read more on this below.

Grinding work

The rails from Padualaan to UMC Utrecht are to be ground during the weekend of 19 January, between 08:00 and 16:00. Work will be done between UMC Utrecht and P+R Utrecht Science Park on working days outside of rush hours. The work will take around a fortnight and could cause a degree of noise nuisance.

Pilot phase to commence at start of February

The pilot phase will begin in February, with trams running during the day. No passengers will be transported during this phase. Instead, tram drivers will be performing test runs so as to get to know the tram track. The pilot will also entail testing whether all organisations involved are capable of adequately coping with various situations, e.g. a tree branch on the track. Crossings will be controlled by means of traffic and/or warning lights. A tram cannot swerve and always has right of way.

Training and test runs

Training runs will be held until the summer on working days from 06:00 until 22:00. During the first few weeks, this will be done with two trams, and subsequently with four trams. Whilst two trams are running, a tram can be expected every half an hour for each direction. Whilst four trams are running, one can be expected every quarter of an hour for each direction. Twenty tests are scheduled, focusing on a variety of situations (including emergencies) and with the emergency services also participating. These tests will be held during the day outside of rush hours (including during weekends) until mid-April.

Testing the timetabled service

Testing of the timetabled service will begin in April and May, starting with eight trams per hour per direction before scaling things up to twelve and eventually sixteen trams. Weekend test runs will also be held during weekends at that juncture.

Further information

If you are keen to find out more about the tramline, or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Ruut van Rossen or the Communications Department of Real Estate and Campus. An up-to-date schedule can be viewed at www.uithoflijn.nl.