26 April 2018

Utrecht Canal Pride: will you join the UU boat?

Of course we will participate on 16 June 2018! The Utrecht Canal Pride offers a great opportunity to show our city what Utrecht University stands for: bridging opposites and creating equal opportunities.

That is why we are going to participate in the Utrecht Canal Pride 2018 with a divers group consisting of students, academic staff, support staff and alumni. At the time of registration, Utrecht University and University College Utrecht had signed up separately. We have decided to join together and share a boat. In total there are 100 places available, of which 50 for UCU. A part of the costs is paid by Utrecht University, e.g. the Diversity Stimulation Fund and University College Utrecht. In addition, we require a financial contribution from everyone who joins on behalf of the UU and UCU.

University College Utrecht has its own registration procedure. Are you a student of UCU and do you want to join? Then keep an eye on the UCU's call or contact ucsaqueeralliance@gmail.com.

For all other UU students who want to join, the contribution is € 40. Besides a unique experience, you get drinks and refreshments on board. Do you not want to miss this experience? Then sign up quickly.

As far as we know at this moment, we collect on Saturday 16 June at the end of the morning. Keep in mind that the Canal Pride lasts until about 5 p.m.

And if you won’t be on board, then it is also great if you come to see us on the UU boat!