3 September 2015

Use Matlab for free during your study

Matlab is available for every student for installation on your own laptop or desktop. Matlab is widely used in education and research for numerical computation, visualization and programming. The several versions of Matlab, including 28 toolboxes, are supported. 

Installing Matlab on your own device? 
Instructions can be found at: http://students.uu.nl/en/free-software
You can find several free software packages on this page.

Students Psychology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Economics & Business Economics, Mathematics and System Analysis, Statistical Methods and Introduction to marine sciences can find Matlab also at MyWorkplace, digital work and study area of the UU. 

Do you need help or have questions about the installation? 
The ICT Service Desk will gladly help you. 

Learn more about Matlab? 
Look at the Matlab website for more information