Upgrading the educational buildings on the Drift: renovations and sustainability improvements

De binnenkant van Drift 21
Drift 21. Foto: Jan Bitter

If you've ever been to the buildings on the Drift, you're familiar with the charm of these centuries-old monumental structures. We aim to preserve the beauty of the 'Drift cluster' in the best possible condition and make it future-proof. This means that periodic major maintenance is necessary.

Soon, such a maintenance period will begin for Drift 21, Drift 23, and Drift 25. The buildings will undergo a significant facelift, but more importantly, efforts will be focused on improving air handling, accessibility, and sustainability.

What will you notice in the short term?

The initial work will commence at Drift 23 in block 4 of this academic year. Meetings that were scheduled to take place in one of the 10 seminar rooms during this block will be relocated to other buildings and may shift to Daltonlaan 500. You will also see this reflected in your schedule. This first maintenance job is expected to be completed after the summer of 2024.

In the summer of 2024, the renovation of the attic and basement of Drift 21 will begin. As a result, several study associations and foundations will relocate to the second floor of Kromme Nieuwegracht 80 during this academic year. They will remain there until the renovation of Drift 21 is finished. The affected organizations include Aladdin, Albion, Art, Awater, Babel, Cs Ubuntu, FUF, Incognito, and UHSK.

Renovations in the future

It's still some way off, but from 2025, it is highly likely that all three buildings (Drift 21, 23, and 25) will be simultaneously unavailable for education. The educational buildings will be closed for a while, and classes will be relocated to alternative locations. We will keep you informed about any developments.

Want to know more?

For inquiries, you can contact the Student Information Desk Humanities.