18 March 2019

Update: The municipality's advice to stay inside is being changed to 'go home calmly'

Update 17.15

The advice from the city of Utrecht, the Police and the public prosecutor’s office to stay inside has been lifted. Employees, students and guests from Utrecht University buildings were earlier today advised to stay inside as a result of the incident at 24 Oktoberplein. In order to make sure everyone gets home safely you are asked to make your way home calmly and with consideration for others.

Go home calmly

Everyone is looking to get home as quickly as possible after the events of today. Everyone is asked to make their way home calmly with consideration for others. It is inevitable that there will be longer waiting times for public transport and longer travel times by car.


For actual information about the situation at 24 Oktoberplein you can follow the live blog from the municipality. The municipality has a telephone number for people who are looking for a loved one who may have been caught up in the incident: it is 088 269 00 00. See for updates relating to Utrecht University also www.uu.nl/news.

Frequently asked questions

What if I missed a lecture or an exam?

You can make use of force majeure measures if you missed a lecture or an exam. There is no need to provide administrative proof for this.

I am looking for a UU student or employee but cannot reach him or her. What can I do?

The Municipality of Utrecht has opened a telephone number for people looking for a loved one who may be involved in the shooting incident: 088 269 00 00. For more information check the live blog of the Municipality of Utrecht (Dutch).