Update: Message in response to the situation in Ukraine

Update 4 March

The UU follows the developments surrounding the war in Ukraine closely. Because we would like to offer information from one place, we will place all news items (and updates) on https://www.uu.nl/en/ukraine from now on.

Visit uu.nl/en/ukraine

Utrecht University is shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and empathises with all those affected by it. What’s happening is horrific, and we're deeply concerned about the ramifications for all people involved. We wish to express our solidarity with students and staff in and from Ukraine, and we support those in the academic communities in Russia who are speaking out against the war. Let’s all dedicate ourselves to peace, respect, dialogue and open cooperation.

We can imagine the situation has a deep impact on the well-being of a lot of students, researchers, teachers and other staff members in our community. Utrecht University is committed to support those who are directly or indirectly impacted by these events. We are in contact with our Ukrainian and Russian students and staff, and looking for possibilities of further help and support in the event of financial or other needs.

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