Upcoming changes in vending machines for coffee and tea

On Tuesday 30 April, there will be a walk-in coffee tasting for students and staff who want to help pick out the new coffee beans. For more information, see the event item

This summer, a number of changes will be made to the vending machines for coffee and tea. All the relevant information is listed in this article.

What’s changing?

The coffee in the new vending machines will be made with of two types of fresh beans. Instant coffee will soon no longer be part of the offer. Every product in the (basic) coffee vending machines will cost 60 cents for people without a campus card. This applies to coffee, (double) espresso, cappuccino, wiener melange, chocolate milk, chocochino and tea. Tea is no longer instant either: tea drinkers can tap hot water from the vending machine at three adjustable temperatures. Loose tea bags will be provided in five different flavours. Note that all these changes apply to the basic vending machines and not to Maas's luxury coffee stations.

Links: het nieuwe basiskoffieautomaat van Maas. Warme dranken kosten hier 60 cent of gratis met campuskaart. Theezakjes zitten in de onderkast. Rechts: de luxe koffiestations van Maas. Op deze koffieautomaten gelden andere prijzen en kan je niet betalen met campuskaart..
Left: Maas's new basic coffee machine. Hot drinks here cost 60 cents or free with campus card. Tea bags are available in the lower cabinet. Right: Maas's luxury coffee stations. These coffee machines have different prices and the campus card can't be used

Why these changes?

The contract for coffee, soft drinks and snack vending machines with supplier Maas expires this summer. For the upcoming contract period, we as UU have carried out a European tender. For the preconditions in the tender, think of subjects such as sustainability and pricing, input was included from the faculties, the University Council and experts from within UU as well as other institutions.

The tender was won by Maas. This means that the supplier remains the same. However, the offer has been renewed and therefore things are changing.


The new contract for coffee, soft drinks and snack vending machines addresses sustainability in several areas. The coffee beans from the vending machine come from the social enterprise Heilige Boontjes (website in Dutch). The coffee and tea are fair trade and organic. Some of the vending machines dispense vegetable milk (oat milk) instead of cow's milk. These vending machines are mainly located in high-traffic areas and, where possible, they are located right next to a vending machine with cow's milk. To combat food waste, snacks approaching their expiry date are offered through Too Good To Go (website in Dutch). Transport across campuses is done with electric vehicles.

Taste test

We want to involve students and staff in choosing which coffee beans go into the coffee machine. Therefore, we are organising a taste test. Students and staff are welcome to come and taste and vote. More information will follow.


From the end of June, there will be a two-month transition period from the old to the new contract. The current coffee vending machines are at the end of their lifespan. A large number will be replaced by a smaller model of vending machine (with the same capacities), placed on a base cabinet. The current snack and soft drinks machines will remain.