26 September 2018

University removes abandoned bicycles in October

In October, Utrecht University will be removing broken and abandoned bicycles in order to prevent dangerous situations and to improve the street view. Last year approximately 500 bicycles were removed. The university will be removing bicycles which have been left unattended and unused for a long period of time in bicycle storage areas and the public spaces of the university. This year, the action begins on the 7th of October.

How does it work?

  • On Sunday 7 October, all bicycles parked on the university grounds will be labelled.
  • Are you still using your bicycle? If so, simply remove the label from your bicycle. Your bicycle will not be removed if you do so.
  • If the bicycle still has a label by Monday 29 October, the bicycle will be removed by Fietspunt BV. Locks will be cut where necessary. The costs of damaged locks will not be reimbursed.
  • Removed bicycles will be taken to the depot of Fietspunt BV where they will be stored for three weeks, from 29 October until 23 November. The bicycles will then be recycled or sold.

My bicycle has been removed. What should I do?

Has your bicycle been removed? If so, you have until 23 November to collect it from the depot of Fietspunt BV. Take valid proof of identity and the key for your bicycle lock with you. You will need to pay storage costs of €12.50.

Further information