20 June 2017

University Council speaks about student statute with Executive Board

Vergadering U-raad

At the last meeting of the University Council with the Executive Board of this academic year the student statute is on the agenda. The council has the right of assent on this subject. Do you want to visit the meeting? And hear what they discuss? Come to room 033 G in the meeting centre in the Administration Building (Heidelberglaan 8) from 14.00 till 17.00 hours on the 26th of June.

Subjects of the meeting

At this meeting the following subjects are on the agenda:

  • Studenten statute (right of assent): The student statute includes a description of the general rights and obligations of the students and the university. The statute consists of two parts:
    • A university part with the rights and obligations that goes for all students;
    • The Education and examination regulations that include the rights and obligations for specific studies.
  • Framework letter 2018 (right of assent): In the framework letter the allocation of the available direct funding (government contribution and tuition fees) is made visible. The allocation is the framework for the budgets of the faculties and service departments. In the framework letter is indicated which investment space is available for investments in real estate and IT and an overview is presented of the other estimated assets (a.o. research subsidies from the second and third flow of funds).  
  • Rules for the model regulations for degree programme advisory committees (right of assent): elections or no elections?

Also have a look at: https://solisservices.sharepoint.com/sites/10107/

For whom?

All students and employees of the UU can be present during the meeting with the Executive Board. You can listen but not participate in the meeting. This way you can hear what’s going on and how the University Council represents your interests. You can also contact a council member before the meeting in order to discuss one of the subjects on the agenda.

Report on website

Are you not able to attend the meeting? After the meeting you can find a report on the student site. Also take a look on the Facebook page of the University Council.

Meeting schedule

The University Council has six meetings a year with the Executive Board. All 24 members (12 staff and 12 student members) are present. Take a look at the meeting schedule