14 September 2017

Meeting with Executive Board

University Council presents its focus points for this year

Universiteitsraad 2017-2018

The University Council (U-raad) meets with the Executive Board (CvB) on September 18th. In this year’s first meeting the new Council will present several focus points. Do you want to attend and hear the discussions that take place between the council and the Executive Board? On the 18th of September from 10.00 till 12.00 the meeting will take place in room 033 G in the conference center of the ‘Bestuursgebouw’ (Heidelberglaan 8).

Topics of the meeting

The following topics of the meeting are set in the agenda:

  • Presenting focus topics of the University Council
  • Budget Utrecht Centre for Academic Teaching (UCAT) for approval and consent
  • Nomination Pieter Duisenberg as chairman VSNU

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For whom?

The meeting is public, so all students and employees of the UU that are interested can be present during the meeting with the Executive Board. You can listen but not participate in the meeting. This way you can hear what’s going on and how the University Council represents your interests. You can also contact a council member before the meeting in order to discuss one of the subjects on the agenda.

Report on student website

Are you not able to attend the meeting? After the meeting you can find a report on the student site. Also take a look at the Facebook page of the University Council.

Meeting schedule

The University Council has six meetings a year with the Executive Board. All 24 members (12 staff and 12 student members) are present. Take a look at the meeting schedule