21 February 2019

University Council consents to experiment with flexible learning

Universiteitsraad 2018-2019

The University Council had the fourth meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board (CvB) on February 18th. The following topics were discussed during this meeting: student wellbeing, flexible learning and complaints regulations on undesirable behavior. After the meeting the meeting room of the University Council (033G) was named after Matthias Jorissen, the former chairman of the University Council who passed away last year. Besides that, the meeting was the opening of the Week of Representation, with all kinds of activities within the university and faculties.

Code of Conduct to prevent and fight inappropriate behaviour

The 2017 Staff Monitor states that 10.6 percent of UU employees faces inappropriate behaviour in their workplace. For students, no numbers are known. Question remains whether all cases are being reported. The University Council is happy to see an actualised version of the code. Besides adjusting terminology, the code had been extended so that both the accuser and the accused are supported. Two confidential advisers are appointed now. Furthermore, students are more specifically mentioned in the introduction and work will be undertaken to promote the code. The University Council hopes that with this actualised code the threshold for both staff and students to report incidents will be lowered.

Student wellbeing

Last year, the University Council created a taskforce that advises the Executive Board on the mental well-being of students, which is increasingly worrisome. During the last Council meeting the taskforce presented its first advisory report. The taskforce works on a well-being week, and advises to hire an extra student psychologist. The University Council keeps the dialogue with the Executive Board open to see how students can develop healthily.

Flexible learning

The council consented to the experiment of flexible learning, where it will be possible for students of a limited amount of studies to pay per ECTS credit. The Executive Board promised that there is aspiration for broadening the experiment.