29 April 2019

University Council approves renewed student charter

Universiteitsraad 2018-2019

The University Council had the sixth meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board (CvB) on April 23rd. The following topics were discussed during the meeting: student statute, Q4-report and annual report.

Student statute

A renewed version of the student statute is approved by the University Council. Redactional changes have been made in the new version, such as a reference to the language policy of the university. The student body also had a question on the (sometimes) limited admittance for some courses and the right of education. The Executive Board answered that most courses have a maximum capacity and that students for whom the course is obligatory get priority. This subject is, however, within the scope of the internal research on interdisciplinarity. 

Q4-report and annual report

During the meeting the council spoke about the Q4-report, which forms the concluding financial reports from the year 2018. together with the Annual Report The report shows a positive result of M€ 7. But running up to the meeting and during the meeting the discussion with the accountant about the supplies for asbestos removal and demolition was mentioned. It became clear to the council, and was confirmed in the meeting, that the UU won’t end the year with a positive result, but a negative one. A necessary change of about M€ 17 results in a negative outcome of M€10. For the first time, a long streak of positive results is broken.

This change means a relief of intended provisions for demolition. An amount of M€6,9 is concerned which means that the council gets approval on this. This led to the decision of the council to not approve the Q4-report yet, but to wait for the revised report.

The discussion in the meeting was quite a technical one. The council will follow the plans of the CvB closely and waits for the framework letter to see how this will be followed up. Besides, a fundamental question lays underneath this discussion: afters years in which we set money aside for demolition, a supply is created: but when do we start with the demolition of buildings? The chairman of the CvB could not yet answer this question.

Questions for the Executive Board

The Executive Board announces that they are working with the municipality to improve dangerous intersections at the Utrecht Science Park, that the Io Vivat is outdated and that the Rector Magnificus wants to make fundamental changes to the funds for student organisations and therefore that the discussion on this topic is delayed for one year.