1 February 2018

Turn your trash into treasure: which waste do I throw in which bin?

Pictogrammen voor afval scheiden

You are standing in front of a waste bin where you are supposed to separate your waste. But which waste should go into which bin? Where do you leave a paper towel, tin can, tea bag or cup? To help you decide you will now find stickers with pictograms on the waste separation bins in the university buildings were waste is separated. These stickers tell you what waste belongs in which bin. The better we separate our waste, the more we can reuse and recycle and the less has to be burnt. In short, better separation leads to less CO2 emission.

The answers to the questions above:

  • You should throw paper towels, tin cans and drinking cartons into the compartment for general waste.
  • A tea bag is considered organic waste.
  • You can only throw clean and dry paper into the paper bin.
  • An empty cup goes into the special compartment for cups. Does it not fit because of its size? Please throw the cup into the bin for general waste.

Different waste bin flows

The university separates the following waste flows in the waste separation systems: clean and dry paper, empty cups, organic waste, plastics and general waste. The combination of waste flows depends on the location of the bins. For example, bins near the coffee machine have a separate compartment for cups. The Educatorium restaurant doesn’t have a separate compartment for paper because most paper in the restaurant is dirty and only dry and clean paper can be recycled. Apart from these five waste flows, the university produces lots of other waste. The university reuses and recycles as much of this waste as possible.

Advice about contributing to 60% recycling

An infographic tells you more about waste within the university. How much waste do we throw away? Which waste should go into which bin? What can you do to personally contribute to more reuse and recycling? The majority of our waste is of value. So, turn your trash into treasure.

Separate waste bins

Currently, there are waste separation systems in various university buildings. The university intends to increase the number of buildings with waste separation systems in order to reduce its general waste and the emission of CO2 accordingly. Is there no waste separation system in your building? At least separate paper, plastics and glass from general waste.

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