Travel to your European study destination for free with the Travel Green Grant

Train travel is better for the environment than air travel, but train journeys are often a lot more expensive. That is why UU students can apply for the Travel Green Grant. The Travel Green Grant is a grant of up to €194 for students who choose to travel by train or bus to their European study destination. Students going abroad in the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year can apply for the Travel Green Grant until 9 July.

Read more about the Travel Green Grant and its conditions
Going on exchange? Green does not have to be difficult
Rikst during her exchange in Lyon.

Rikst went to France by train for her exchange.

Rikst: "I was already looking at options to go by train because I consider sustainability important. However, it was quite expensive. Then I got an email about the Travel Green Grant. That mail came at the perfect time! Once I was on the train, I saw the landscape slowly change from northern Europe to southern France. On a plane, you don't have the same rite of passage. In the train, you know where you are and you see the surroundings slowly change from your train window."

Nine Jet during her exchange in Uppsala.

Nine Jet went to Sweden by train for her exchange.

Nine Jet: "This was my first long journey alone and it was a real adventure. To kill time on the train, I read the letters my sister and friends had written for me. I spent the rest of the time listening to music, watching series, reading, trying to sleep or trying not to sleep at all."

The Travel Green Grant is run by the International Office and was initiated in collaboration with the Green Office.