7 May 2019

Tram 22 is coming

Tram 22 is coming! On Saturday, 11 May, the test runs of the timetable will start. The trams will run more frequently. The tram will take you from Utrecht Central Station to the Utrecht Science Park in no time. When passengers are allowed to come along, it will only run on weekdays. This will probably be at the end of December 2019. Please note that the tram is also running test rides during the weekend.

Why test rides?
The test rides ensure that everything is prepared down to the last detail for the switch from bus 12 to tram 22. This will allow tram drivers to get to know the new tram and the tram track. They also practice with all kinds of unexpected situations and check whether the tram can run on time. All this is done with the timetable in mind. 

Safety first
During rush hour the tram passes by sixteen times! When the warning lights flash and make a noise, the tram is coming. So wait a second at a moment like this. If there is no light or sound, you can safely cross the street. Keep in mind that the tram always has priority, even if it turns off or comes from the left. Unless otherwise stated with traffic lights, road signs or signs. At the intersection near the Koningsweg there are barriers. This has to do with the high speed of 70 km per hour between the Vaartsche Rijn stop and halfway along the Laan van Maarschalkerweerd. 

More information
Want to know more about Tram 22? Then go to www.tram22.nl. Here you will find weekly updates about the tram line. Do you have specific questions? Feel free to contact Communications Real Estate and Campus.