20 May 2021

Together on the road to the campus of the future

The world of research, education and work is evolving. Digitalisation, sustainability and multidisciplinary research are themes of increasing importance. Meanwhile, as a faculty we are outgrowing our premises and our buildings facilitate less and less our research and education, and the way we want to do our work. That is why we are working on 'the campus of the future'. A pleasant place to study, conduct research, work and come together. Soon we will start collecting your needs and ideas about our future housing.

Ties Bakker, student board member: “It is important that we, as students, are included in designing our future campus. And it is even more important to let our voices be heard. I hope many of you will participate in forming the vision for the housing of our education.”

From housing needs to housing plan

Within the framework of the university's real estate strategy, we are working on an Integral Housing Plan (IHP) for the Faculty of Science. This plan will offer us direction for the housing needs for the next 10 to 20 years, as we anticipate for expected trends and developments in the world of research, education and work. The IHP runs parallel to ongoing real estate projects, such as the redevelopment of the Kruyt building.

In order to set up a broadly supported faculty plan, we will closely involve you, the user of the campus, in the process. Because you know better than anyone what you need for your study.

We will start by collecting the housing needs and requirements of staff and students throughout the faculty. We will do this among others by conducting interviews, putting out a survey and organising online group sessions. What is our vision on education and research for the future? What are expected trends and developments in the long term? What kind of activities will be carried out? Where is that preferably done? What facilities and ICT services are needed for that? To name some questions that will be addressed.

Let your voice be heard!

Soon we will start with the broad collection of input. You represent the future users of the campus, so share your needs and ideas when you are invited for an interview, survey or online session. Your voice counts! Do you have any ideas you already like to share? We are happy to hear from you via Ties Bakker, student member of the faculty Board Team.

We will keep you informed on the progress of the IHP via the student site.