1 July 2019

Tighter policy for handing out leaflets and other promotional activities

Promotionele actie Sodexo

To put an end to the unclear situations around handing out leaflets and other promotional activities the policy for these activities is tightened. Examples of promotional activities are handing out leaflets, promotional stands, signature campaigns, placing banners and the sale of promotional items. In the new UU wide policy is explicitly stated who are allowed to conduct promotional activities in and around the university buildings and under which terms and conditions.

Who can conduct promotional activities?

For students, promotional activities by the organisations below are allowed:

  • Student organisations that are acknowledged by the UU when the activity is for its own organisation;
  • Candidates and members of the University Council and Faculty Councils if the promotional activity is related to the elections for these councils. 

Read which other parties can conduct promotional activities. 

Ask permission for promotional activities

For all promotional activities, you must first request permission from the Facility Manager of the relevant region via the FSC Service Request Form. In addition, you should follow instructions on location, time, duration and other promotional specific instructions.

No more exceptions to the rule

In the past a couple of exceptions to the rule had developed which made the policy unclear. These exceptions are now deleted.

Because the UU wishes to hold a neutral position, promotional activities for political, religious and philosophical institutions are not allowed.

Handing out leaflets is discouraged

Due to sustainability considerations, it is not permitted to hand out flyers on the UU premises and it is strongly discouraged inside the UU buildings.

More information

Read more about the policy, who can do promotional activities en how you should ask permission.

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